Weedman Dubplate Mix - Shashamane International Presents

Weedman Dubplate Mix - Shashamane Internation...

44 Songs
Release Date
Joker Soundboy
Light Up
Burn the Weed
Pass the Dub from the Left Hand Side
Smoke with Me Tonight
Weed Smoke
Weed Plenty
Give Mi de Weed Dont Give Mi No Coke
It a Fi Burn
Gimme the Weed
Give Mi de 20 Bags
Website Fi Ganja
Light It Up
Green Herbs Tree
Ganja Planter
Smoke Some Dirty Coke
We Got It Right Here
Woman Next Door
Shashamane Come Around
You Cant Diss the Herbs and the Herbsman
Give Mi di Weed
Good Ganja Wanted
Light up the Pipe
Ganja Man
Coming from Kenya
Crystal Ball
A Stock a Sinsemilla