The Wonderful World of the 70's: 100 Hit Songs

The Wonderful World of the 70's: 100 Hit Song...

94 Songs
Release Date
Come and Get It (Rerecorded Version)
Come and Get Your Love (Rerecorded Version)
Always Something There to Remind Me (Rerecorded Version)
Run, Run, Run (Rerecorded Version)
Me and You and a Dog Named Boo (Rerecorded Version)
Up in a Puff of Smoke (Rerecorded Version)
Temptation Eyes (Rerecorded Version)
Midnight at the Oasis (Rerecorded Version)
Little Woman
Beautiful Sunday (Rerecorded Version)
Indiana Wants Me (Rerecorded Version)
Ballroom Blitz (Rerecorded Version)
Ain't Understanding Mellow (Rerecorded Version)
Too Late to Turn Back Now (Rerecorded Version)
Behind Closed Doors (Rerecorded Version)
Rocky (Rerecorded Version)
Birds of a Feather (Rerecorded Version)
Thunder Island (Rerecorded Version)
Save It for a Rainy Day (Rerecorded Version)
Patches (Rerecorded Version)
Do You Wanna Make Love (Rerecorded Version)
Supernatural Thing, Pt. 1 (Rerecorded)
Little Willy (Rerecorded Version)
Julie, Do Ya Love Me
The Need to Be (Rerecorded Version)
If You Don't Know Me by Now (Rerecorded Version)
Son of Shaft (Rerecorded Version)
Give Your Baby a Standing Ovation (Rerecorded Version)
The Power of Love (Rerecorded Version)
Do It Any Way You Wanna (Rerecorded Version)