Zulu Warriors FM, Vol. 3 - Shashamane Int'l Sound

Zulu Warriors FM, Vol. 3 - Shashamane Int'l S...

61 Songs
Release Date
Start a Fyah - Shashamane Dubplate
Warrior - Shashamane Dubplate
Drive by Shooting - Shashamane Dubplate
Kill Enemy - Shashamane Dubplate
Welcome the Outlaw - Shashamane Dubplate
Turn a Blind Eye
Turn Gal Turn
Rest It a Mi Foot
Phat Punani - Remix
Smoking the Sensi - Shashamane Dubplate
Shashamane Come from Sweet Muma Africa
Man a Burn Fire Pon a Feathers
Soundboy You Need to Worry
Looking for a Sound to Play the Perfect Selections
Sound Die
African Invasion
Yes We Are the Sting - Shashamane Dubplate
Jah Jah See Dem a Come - Shashamane Dubplate
We Kill a Sound Pon De Frontline
Wha Dis Pon Me
Woman a Stress Me
Man Like Me You Want
Go Fi Her
Gal Chat
Hairdresser Nuh Like Her
Let Him Try
Turn off Dem Idiot Sound
Shashamane in the City
Shashamane Is a Murderer
If a Boy Think Him Bad