Russian Easter Liturgy - The Luminous Resurrection of Christ

Russian Easter Liturgy - The Luminous Resurre...

19 Songs
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"Glory to the Holy, Consubstantial, Life-giving and Undivided Trinity" [Opening of Easter Service]
"The Day of Resurrection! Let us be illuminated, O ye people" [Canticle I]
"O come, let us quaff a beverage new!" [Canticle III]
"When they who from Mary came, forestalling the dawn" [Ipakóï]
"Thou didst descend into the nethermost parts of the earth, O Christ" [Canticle VI]
"Though thou didst descend into the grave" [Kontakion]
"My soul doth magnify Christ the Life-giver" [Canticle IX]
"After that Thou hadst fallen asleep" [Exapostilárion]
"Let God arise" [Stikhíri]
"The grace of Thy lips" [Hymn of St John Chrysostom]
"Christ is risen from the dead"
"O only-begotten Son"
Short Litany
"This is the day which the Lord hath made" [Prokímen, 8th tone]
Cherubic Hymn
"We praise thee"
"The Angel cried unto her who is full of grace"
Choral Concerto No.34 : "Let God arise"