Live Broadcast - 30th April 1988 Frost Amphitheater, Stanford University

Live Broadcast - 30th April 1988 Frost Amphit...

19 Songs
Release Date
Let The Good Times Roll (Broadcast 1988)
Feel Like A Stranger (Broadcast 1988)
Row Jimmy (Broadcast 1988)
Walkin' Blues (Broadcast 1988)
Hey Pockey Way (Broadcast 1988)
Ramble On Rose (Broadcast 1988)
Let It Grow (Broadcast 1988)
Shakedown Street (Broadcast 1988)
Man Smart, Woman Smarter (Broadcast 1988)
Ship Of Fools (Broadcast 1988)
Playing In The Band (Broadcast 1988)
Drums (Broadcast 1988)
Space (Broadcast 1988)
Going Down The Road Feeling Bad (Broadcast 1988)
All Along The Watchtower (Broadcast 1988)
Sugar Magnolia (Broadcast 1988)
China Cat Sunflower (Broadcast 1988)
I Know You Rider (Broadcast 1988)
One More Saturday Night (Broadcast 1988)