10 Songs
Release Date
Critical Captions (feat. Class Actress & Cadence Weapon)
One For The Books (feat. A.C. Newman & Sims)
More Fun (feat. Psalm One & Tobaxxo)
Nothing Should Be A Surprise (feat. Isaiah Toothtaker & Show You Suck)
Exonerated (feat. Zambri, Hooray For Earth & Junior Pande)
Won't Fuck Us Over (feat. Annie Hart & BBU)
Do You Give Up Now? (feat. Donwill, My Gold Mask & Junior Pande)
Our Finest China (feat. The Rosebuds & Astronautalis)
Uzi Water Gun (feat. Kenan Bell, The Chain Gang of 1974 & Millionyoung)
These Things Are Nice (feat. Kid Static, Slow Witch & Kleenex Girl Wonder)