Into the Woods (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack/Deluxe Edition)

Into the Woods (Original Motion Picture Sound...

50 Songs
Release Date
Cinderella at the Grave
Hello, Little Girl
Rapunzel's Song
The Cape as Red as Blood
The Cow as White as Milk
Magic Beans
Rapunzel's Hair
Granny's Cottage
I Know Things Now
The Beanstalk Grows
Cinderella Runs
A Very Nice Prince
Giants in the Sky
"Who Cares!"
Baker and Wife Part
Princes' Fanfare
The Forbidden Tower
"May I Compare This Ear of Corn?"
Two Midnights Gone
One Day Left
Stay With Me
Jack Chops Down the Beanstalk
On the Steps of the Palace
"She Won’t Get Far With One Shoe"
Searching for Cinderella
The Slipper Fits