For Discos Only: Indie Dance Music From Fantasy & Vanguard Records (1976-1981)

For Discos Only: Indie Dance Music From Fanta...

31 Songs
Release Date
Turn The Music Up! (12" Disco)
Over And Over (Special 12" Disco Mix)
Don't Know What To Say
Boogie With Me (12" Disco Mix)
Burn Me Up (With Your Love) (12" Special Remaster)
Fascinating Woman
I'm The One
Straight To The Bank (Special 12" Disco Mix)
Lookin' For Love (Special 12" Disco Mix)
For Your Love (Prelude)
For Your Love (Special 12" Disco Mix)
No One Can Do It (Like You) (12" Special Remix) [feat. Shep Pettibone]
Chill-Out! (12" Version)
Always There (Special 12" Disco Mix)
I Don't Know What's On Your Mind (Special 12" Disco Mix)
It's Music (Special 12" Disco Mix)
Space Bass (Special 12" Disco Mix)
Dance (Disco Heat) (Special 12" Disco Mix)
Mondo Man (12" Version)
Till You Surrender (Special Remix) [feat. Ray "Pinky" Velazquez]
Rock Creek Park (Remix)
Love Hangover (12" Disco)
Party Vibes (Special 12" Disco Mix) [feat. Tina Turner & Home Grown Funk]
You've Got Me Dancing In My Sleep (Special Remaster)
Boogie City (Rock And Boogie Down) (Special 12" Disco Mix)
I Got The Feeling (Patrick Cowley MegaMix)
Savage Lover (Special 12" Disco Mix / Long Version)
Dance (Special 12" Disco Mix)
Beat Of The Night (Special 12" Disco Mix)
Come On And Do It (Special Disco Remix) [feat. Roy Thode]