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#44 - Azal Al Salafi - Resonating Persistence and Hope

The season finale of Season 3 hosts the one and only Azal Al Salafi. As befitting as it was recorded on International Women’s Day, Azal touched on her own emancipation and her social work in the field of helping migrant women find their voice, home, and identity in foreign lands. ...  Show more

#43 - Nikita Haikin - The Globetrotting Footballer

As we draw Season 3 to a close, the penultimate episode features one of our most unique guests to date. Unique in his journey, his experiences and in his approach to modern day football. Nikita Haikin, the recently crowned Champion of the Eliteserien, won the Norwegian Football L ...  Show more

#42 - Andrew Cooke - It's Esports you noob

Have you ever wondered what it's like to play for a professional Esports team? Or wondered how you can simply improve your negotiation skills by changing the way you speak? Enter Andrew Cooke, a man who's straightforward and direct in his approach to almost everything he does. St ...  Show more

#41 - Basel Zahr - Strength in Vulnerability

You would be remiss to think that Basel Zahr’s episode was simply about coaching and mentorship. Rather, it is one of self-reflection, introspection, accepting your past and preparing for an uncertain future through daily efforts. An upstart coach and mentor, who’s burned through ...  Show more

#40 - Rachel Tarabay - Let's get Philosophical

Finally, EPISODE 40 is out with none other than Rachel Tarabay! A long episode in the making, Rachel, as she so aptly puts it, has mastered the art of procrastination. Yet despite that she owns this fact, she has still managed to handle her daily work, create a movement called De ...  Show more

#39 - Mikano - There's Glitter Everywhere

When thinking of Mikano, one cannot ignore the melodic tunes, his versatility in genres and the risks he’s taken and continues to take with his music. Mikano draws his influences from Kid Cudi, Frank Ocean and was not shy to say he has cried listening to Kanye West’s “My Beautifu ...  Show more

#38 - Muhammad Nauman - Chips in your Brain make everything Alright

Nauman is a cool, collected and very direct person. Whether it’s been through his professional career or his childhood in Dubai, Nauman has faced many cultural and social challenges in his life. Nauman has an innate ability to sell, build relationships and create lasting connecti ...  Show more

#37 - Abdelazim Eltoukhy - The Markets are Red with Blood

DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE! Episode 37 took the podcast to uncharted places with its lighthearted approach to the world of Finance. A world that is not for the faint of heart, Finance has always been a tense and fast-paced world, and has often caused people to eithe ...  Show more

#36 - Sarah Chafei - Rehashing yourself, Pebble Art and breaking a taboo or two

A coincidence in the making, Episode 36 showcases the wonderful Sarah Chafei. Sarah's name first came across to us through unrelated research at work. Funnily enough, a few weeks later, Sarah herself found the show and engaged with us. From there, the rest was creating a connecti ...  Show more

#35 - Abdulrahman Al Zaabi - One hundred days in the Emirati Capital

It's not often you come across a guy like Abdulrahman Al Zaabi. Also known through his content as A Day with Abdul, Abdulrahman set out to prove that there are so many things that you can do in Abu Dhabi. Tired and fed up of his friends visiting and complaining, he embarked on hi ...  Show more

#34 - Zouha Dalloul - A Canvas of Faces

Whether it's the inspiration of homegrown paintings of her Palestine hometown, or the glow in her mother's mirror, Zouha Dalloul is the makeup artist with a vision. It's been candidly said in the episode that through a natural experience, Zouha has come to love her craft and has ...  Show more

#33 - They Call Me Eddie - The Passion to Excite and Entertain

From explaining the origin of his new moniker "Eddie" to voice acting almost daily. Mohamed Alsayed is a comedic force and really had to work his way around his chosen career to reach this point. Since his recent success in breaking the 100,000 follower barrier on Instagram, Moha ...  Show more

#32 - Shereen Abdulla - Igniting your inner SPARK!

Episode 32 was a first for the Nobody's Famous Podcast! In this episode, we sat down with Shereen Abdulla, who operates DIFC FinTech Hive, the Middle East's largest FinTech accelerator program. An exciting moment for the Nobody's Famous Podcast, Shereen delved into her passions f ...  Show more

#31 - Chris Boulos - An Olympian amidst an uninformed Culture

In this episode, we sat down with Chris Boulos, a soon to be Olympian at the Tokyo Olympics. The episode revolved around his love for taking care of his body and his life as a personal trainer in Lebanon. The fitness in culture in Lebanon has made it difficult for Chris to someti ...  Show more

#30 - NM1 (No More One) - If the Underground Rap Scene could speak

It's the BIG 30! In this episode, we didn't interview just one guest. We sat down with FOUR guests as part of the music group NM1 AKA No More One. NM1 initially started off with two members, Ahmed and Mickey. They were friends, but didn't really rap or create music together. Afte ...  Show more

#29 - Alaa Abi Ali - Everyday 'Bla(s)' may be destructive

Alaa Abi Ali was the wildcard. The rough around the edges, do it differently type person. He was dorm mates with Host Ali Rifai and through their time at the American University of Beirut, developed a lasting friendship that was only resurfaced during this show. Alaa has always b ...  Show more

#28 - Alex Wheeler - The varied experiences of Video Games

What a special treat Episode 28 is! Join us in this first of its kind special episode with the co-founder of the Nobody's Famous Podcast, Alex Wheeler! Ali and Alex took the opportunity to tackle certain topics in special episodes; and for the first topic ever, it's going to be V ...  Show more

#27 - Stephanie Haddad - Self-expression in a non-expressive Society

Episode 27 takes on the outspoken, self expressive, mighty and comedic Stephanie Haddad. No stranger to bottling things up, Stephanie was always considered on the fringe of how a “normal girl” should act like. She never shied away from speaking her mind and sticking to her values ...  Show more

#26 - Shawn Chidiac - Off the Chain Comedy in a Critical World

It's not that often when you come across someone who can make you laugh in a few simple words. Funny man Shawn Chidiac - or better known through his Instagram account: "myparents_are_divorced" is that kind of guy. In Episode 26, we sat down with Shawn and he took us through the m ...  Show more

#25 - Issam Atallah - Purpose seeking as a Gen Y

In Episode 25 of the Nobody's Famous Podcast, we sat down with self-proclaimed philosopher and funny man Issam Atallah. Issam had since left his comfort zone in Abu Dhabi, 14 years ago to pursue his professional career wherever it took him. Whether it was Florida, Singapore, UAE ...  Show more

#24 - Naser Al Sughaiyer - The Eccentricity of being Human

Naser Al Sughaiyer has an interesting journey. From realizing he doesn't fit into the corporate world to attending the "World Domination Summit" in the United States, Naser has really detached himself from a previous life. Naser takes careful account of the things he lets into hi ...  Show more

Q.S. #6 - Tarek Barada: What's a TCK?

Tarek was born and raised in Abu Dhabi to Lebanese/Palestinian parents and got both his education degrees in Business Administration and Hotel Management & Tourism in the same city. With over 11 years of professional experience, he has excelled in the events industry and specific ...  Show more

Q.S. #5 - Farah Massoud: It's a Teacher's Life

At the onset of the Pandemic, one would think firstly of the safety of kids and their education. One would think how on Earth are these kids going to live in a safe and healthy environment while still getting the education they need? Enter Farah Massoud. A teacher who not only fo ...  Show more

Q.S. #4 - Amine Najjar: Taking the Leap of Faith in Music

Amine Najjar is a songwriter from Lebanon who has worked with some of the music industry’s biggest names. The story to create this show was a true back and forth problem, after writing a blog post almost 6 years ago, Ali said it was time for a face to face show which never materi ...  Show more

Q.S. #3 - Jeannette Peyre: Parisian in a Pandemic

A half French, half Colombian, Jeannette Peyre grew up in an international home. She’s a strong 32 year old who’s found a home in Paris in the last 12 years after city-hopping across New York City, Brussels and Geneva. Jeannette works for Caron, a French perfume company founded i ...  Show more

Q.S. #2 - Abdallah Halwani: Navigating Beirut in a Chaotic World

Born & raised in Beirut, Abdallah had a passion for building LEGO ever since he was young, which led to him graduating as a Civil Engineer from the American University of Beirut. Graduating in 2010, Abdallah moved to Qatar to work in engineering for 2 years, then decided to chang ...  Show more

Q.S. #1 - Rami Hajj Deeb: Quarantine Life in a Spanish Capital

Our first Quarantine Series Video is now live! This series aims to continue discovering the wonderful people of our world. During these difficult times, its beneficial to keep ourselves engaged and open to the world around us and the people experiencing it in different ways than ...  Show more

#23 - Arqam Al Abri - The Personal Nature of Singing and Doing Good

Finally, EPISODE 23 is here! We sat down with Arqam Al Abri who has just burst onto the music scene, bringing with him the soulfulness and cool vibe of his spectacular voice. Reminiscent of Sam Cooke, Musiq Soundchild, Otis Redding and D'Angelo, Arqam struggled with comparing him ...  Show more

#22 - Mohammed Al Qadi - Building the first Emirati Strategy Board Game

In Episode 22, which is coincidentally Mohammad Al Qadi's favorite number, we take a trip into his mind and his process into creating the first Emirati Board Game! Mohammad Al Qadi's journey into creating Conquest - Final Conqueror was not an easy one. Many moving parts such as h ...  Show more

#21 - Khalid Iskandar - Relishing the Fight, Creating Positivity and Taking the Leap

Khalid Iskandar joins us in this hard-hitting and honest episode about finding your true potential, working on different interests in life and about the restrictions we put on ourselves to not attain our goals. Khalid has gone through many motions in life. From delving deep into ...  Show more