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Operation Boulder

Since 9/11, US governmental agencies have poured millions of dollars into spying on Arabs, Muslims and Arab Americans. Their surveillance has changed countless lives as ordinary citizens all over the country were interrogated, arrested or had their homes raided. But this didn’t s ...  Show more

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A conversation with the team

Ahead of the latest season (which launches at the end of this month!), our team gets together to talk about what they’re excited for, and what they’ve learned from producing the upcoming season of Kerning Cultures. Kerning Cultures’ season three launches on January 27th. Make sur ...  Show more

Loving Lynn

Lynn left behind her hometown village in the Philippines for a housekeeping job in Lebanon at the age of 23. It was only meant to be temporary… until she met Butros, her employer’s nephew, and they fell in love. But for Lynn, marrying Butros has meant choosing to settle down in a ...  Show more

A Tale of Two Inventors

His whole life, Walid Waked had been told that his great grandfather invented the Arabic typewriter. And then, one day, he learned that another family – the Haddads – believed they invented it. This week on Kerning Cultures, the contested history of the Arabic typewriter. This ep ...  Show more

Elephants in the Desert

Faysal Bibi and his team of palaeontologists have been captivated by this one particular moment that took place in the Abu Dhabi desert seven million years ago. This week, a journey back to a time before the desert was the desert… when elephants, crocodiles and monkeys reigned su ...  Show more