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20. Loose Leaf Tea 101 with Haiya Tea

We learn about the traditional art of brewing artisanal loose leaf teas with Haiya Mughal, a certified tea sommelier and the founder of her own artisanal tea brand, Haiya Tea in the UAE. Haiya Tea website: & Instagram @haiyatea. Here is the article she menti ...  Show more

19. Middle Eastern Style Turkey by Carnistore

We brainstorm ideas to spice up the big bird with a regional twist by calling on Dan and Fix, the dynamic duo behind Dubai's premium butchery and smokehouse, Carnistore. This episode is a rerun of our interview with them from 2020. Carnistore website: & Ins ...  Show more

18. Three Palestinian Dishes with Haya's Kitchen

Haya Bishouty, the young 'grandma' behind a Palestinian supper club in Dubai, shares three traditional Palestinian dishes you have to try. You can learn more and join her supper clubs by booking here. You may also connect with her on Instagram @hayasktchn. FOOD TOURS Feast with u ...  Show more

17. Spicy Relish with S'Hauce and Banak Kitchen

We dip into jars of spicy relish inspired by flavours of the Middle East, Mediterranean and East Asia. Our guest speakers are two Dubai-based small-batch culinary artisans. Rasha Itani from S'Hauce and Ali Shawwa from Banak Kitchen. How to Get Your Jars: Contact Rasha Itani from ...  Show more

16. Pelmeni, Vareniki and More with Organic Dumplings Dubai

Yulia Belal, the Russian founder of Organic Dumplings Dubai takes us on a journey from pelmeni to momos, a fascinatingly interconnected world of delicious dumplings.  Here's how to find Organic Dumplings Dubai online: and connect with them on Instagram ...  Show more