Deep Fried

Deep Fried

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Coffee in Your Cooking with RAW Coffee

The 'grandmother' of Dubai's specialty coffee scene, Kim Thompson from RAW Coffee Company, shares why even a non-coffee drinker might want a stash of beans in their pantry. You may find RAW Coffee at or on Instagram (@rawcoffeecompany), Facebook (rawco ...   Show more

11. Palestinian Za'atar & Cheese Manousheh with Mama'esh

We visit our favourite Palestinian bakery Mama'esh to make a fresh za'atar and cheese manousheh with the Palestinian baker, founder and Managing Director, Hussam Hasan El Batta. You may find Mama'esh at or on Instagram (@mamaeshme)  Contribute to the # ...   Show more

10. Bone Broth with The Broth Lab

We learn the nutritional secrets and top tips for grandma-style bone broth with Hadil Khatib, the founder of The Broth Lab. Find The Broth Lab at most major hypermarkets and online through their parent website, You may also connect with them on Instagram (@thebrothlab) ...   Show more

9. Tres Leches with 3L Pastelerias

We chat with the granddaughter of a baker who started a Tres Leches dynasty in 1982 in Mexico City. Alicia Silva shares how she's bringing her grandmother's luscious milky cakes to her current home, Dubai.  You may find more about 3L Pastelerias in Dubai on Instagram (@3ldubai) o ...   Show more

8. Sumac with Mooneh LLC by Dima Sharif

Replay from Season 1: Chatting about the ingredient 'sumac' with Dima Sharif, the founder of Mooneh LLC and author of Plated Heirlooms.  You can find sumac and a range of other pantry ingredients as well as cooked meals at Follow Dima Sharif on Instagram @d ...   Show more

7. Asian Chilli Sauces with the Curious Elephant

Melody Mok behind Dubai's latest chilli sauce range, Curious Elephant, gives us delicious (and some rather strange!) pairing ideas for Asian chilli sauce, oil and sambal. Learn more about Curious Elephant on her website where you can grab a few jars of Mel's hot sauces or meet he ...   Show more

6. Vegan West African Food with Veghana

Nana Mancell, the founder of Veghana, helps us discover the versatile vegan options that West African cuisine traditionally serves up. Learn more about Veghana here and order their meals for your next big event or simply a night in with family or friends. You can also find our bl ...   Show more

5. Easy Plant-Based Switch-Ups by Pumpkin &Kale

Marilyne Defer, the founder and chef behind a plant-based meal plan service called Pumpkin & Kale, shares easy techniques to transform 5 routine dishes into delicious plant-based ones. You can find Pumpkin & Kale online, on Instagram and Facebook. Grab the round-up of dishes and ...   Show more

4. Spice Blends by HEARTIGRUB

One of the founding sisters behind HEARTIGRUB, Arti, shares 4 spice blends that can infuse magic into our cooking—and give us tips on how to use spices most effectively in our kitchens. You can find HEARTIGRUB online and on Instagram. Grab a list of the 4 spice blends mentioned o ...   Show more

3. Asian Pantry Ideas by 1004 Gourmet

Chang Sup Shin, the CEO of the country's most-loved Asian specialty store 1004 Gourmet, shares 5 Asian items that should become pantry essentials. You can find 1004 Gourmet online and on Instagram, and Chang Sup Shin on Instagram here. Grab a list of all the ingredients mentioned ...   Show more

2. Cast Iron, Soapstone & Clay with Earth and Ethics

Faiza from Earth and Ethics tells us about 3 traditional cookware materials that must make a comeback in our kitchens: cast iron, soapstone and clay.  You can find Earth and Ethics on Instagram. Partner shout-out on this episode: Gulf Photo Plus, the region's leading photography ...   Show more

1. Filipino Baked Goodies with Pies Basket

Pies Basket, a family-run Filipino baking company, shares the 5 goodies to try first if you've never tried Filipino baked goodies before. You can find Pies Basket at and on Facebook and Instagram.  

Launching Season 3!

We're kickstarting 2021 with a brand new season dedicated to food artisans and homegrown businesses in the UAE.  

40. Soups

We close out the year with some comforting Indian and Filipino soups to soothe the troubled soul of 2020. With our guest speaker and food blogger at Dayo Kitchen, Didi Paterno and our GM Farida Ahmed. References mentioned on the show: Where Farida bought her eeya chombu: https:// ...   Show more

39. Dubai's Best Iranian Restaurants

We discover the best Iranian restaurants in Dubai and what to order beyond the routine kebabs from one of the city's most prolific food bloggers, Xerxes the Ravenous. Get the list of all the dishes and what restaurants to order them at on our blog here. Instagram handles: Xerxes ...   Show more

38. Regional Greens

We forage for leafy greens that are not widely known beyond the communities that use them. Featuring our guest speaker Dina Yazbak who heads Research and Innovation at Kaykroo and Farida Ahmed who is the GM and food tour guide at Frying Pan Adventures. Instagram handles: Dina Yaz ...   Show more

37. Festive Turkey

We brainstorm ideas to spice up the big bird with a regional twist by calling on Dan and Fix, the dynamic duo behind Dubai's premium butchery and smokehouse, Carnistore. Carnistore website: Instagram handles: Carnistore (@carnistore), Frying Pan Adventures ...   Show more

36. Chips Oman

We celebrate the UAE's 49th National Day by popping open a bag of one our childhood favourite crisps: Chips Oman. Featuring Chips Oman devotees on our team, our GM and Food Tour Guide Farida Ahmed and our Eating Designer Mufaddal Husein. Please watch and subscribe to our #onedish ...   Show more

35. Ghee

We dip our fingers into the rich buttery subject of clarified butter aka ghee with artist, home baker and nature lover Cherida Fernandez and our Frying Pan Adventures food tour guide Noorin Ansari. Mentioned on the podcast, Cherida's blog post on ghee: ‘Ghee-wiz’ Discovering th ...   Show more

34. Spicy Relish

We dip into jars of spicy relish inspired by flavours of the Middle East, Mediterranean and East Asia. Our guest speakers are two Dubai-based small-batch culinary artisans. Rasha Itani from S'Hauce and Ali Shawwa from Banak Kitchen. Instagram handles: Rasha Itani from S'Hauce (@s ...   Show more

33. Cake

We take a "cake walk" down memory lane with our food tour guides Nahla Tabbaa and Stephanie Mahmoud to unearth childhood cake trends. We also shine a light on creative cake variations and bakeries that you can find now in Dubai.    Grab the list of all the bakeries mentioned on o ...   Show more

32. Biryani

We explore some biryani variants that we've enjoyed in Dubai with our our Eating Designer Mufaddal Husein and our food tour guide Tanya Rehman. Grab the list of all the restaurants mentioned and a few more to try on our blog here.  Corrections: Beriani Isfahani is made with lamb ...   Show more

31. Date Night

From blind dates to double dates, we share our favourite spots for date night in Dubai with our Frying Pan Adventures' food tour guides: Farida Ahmed, Nahla Tabbaa, Tanya Rehman and Noorin Ansari. Visit our blog for a list of all the restaurant details mentioned in our podcast. I ...   Show more

30. 4 Syrian Must-Try Foods

We shine a light on 4 Syrian dishes that the rest of the world has to try with Nahla Tabbaa and Omayah Atassi. Grab the list of all the dishes described and the restaurants mentioned on our blog here.  And if you'd like to watch the YouTube video by the entertaining Syrian home c ...   Show more

29. Desi Chinese

We learn how Chinese food became Indianized the history of 'authentic' Desi Chinese cuisine and share our favourite foods with Mumbai-based food writer Kalyan Karmakar and our Frying Pan food tour guide Tanya Rehman. Grab a rundown of all the dishes described on our blog here.  I ...   Show more

28. Dubai's Hottest Foods

We explore 5 chilli-studded dishes in Dubai that aren’t just dangerously hot, but also irresistibly delicious with our GM and tour guide Farida Ahmed and the founder of Haute Sauce, Ambika Rajgopal. Grab the list of the 5 dishes shared on this episode and where to find them on ou ...   Show more

27. Fish Roe Sacks

We try to wrap our heads around cooking and eating sacks of fish roe with guest speakers Mo Abedin aka @saucebeast from Sticky Rice and Deepika Shetty aka @shortgirlbakes. Instagram handles: Frying Pan Adventures (@fryingpanadventures), Mo Abedin (@moabedin / @saucebeast), Deepik ...   Show more

26. Gluten-Free Indian Flatbreads

We unearth popular gluten-free flatbread recipes that have historically been made across India with our two food tour guides, Farida Ahmed and Noorin Ansari.  Visit our blog for Noorin's recipe for a lentil-based dosa as well as where to find these flours and breads across Dubai. ...   Show more

25. The Perfect Couscous

We sift through the history and technique behind making the perfect couscous with Algerian food lover and blogger, Radia Si Yousef. Check out our blog post which includes a link Radia's perfect couscous recipe and other couscous links as well as the full transcript. Instagram han ...   Show more

24. Uzbek Kimchi

We get to the bottom of why Uzbek restaurants serve Korean dishes with two of our teammates who led a Korean-Uzbek food tour in Dubai. Check out our blog post with the list of dishes, restaurants to taste them at in Dubai and the full transcript here. Instagram handles: Frying Pa ...   Show more