Best Of 2018 Year Mix, Pt. 2

Best Of 2018 Year Mix, Pt. 2

38 Songs
Release Date
Where The Love Goes (feat. Oskar Flood) [Mixed]
Wild Love (Mixed)
Sounds Good To Me (Mixed)
Only Love (Mixed)
Ocean (Mixed)
Billionaire (feat. Sam Martin) [Mixed]
In The Water (Mixed)
Where's My Love (Sam Feldt Edit) [Mixed] (Sam Feldt Edit (Mixed))
Back In Your Heart (Mixed)
Down For Anything (feat. KARRA) [Mixed]
The Greatest Speech (feat. The Great Dictator) [Mixed]
Fall In (feat. James New) [LVNDSCAPE Remix] [Mixed] (LVNDSCAPE Remix (Mixed))
Sometimes (Mixed)
You Don't Have To Like It (Mixed)
Keep This Fire Burning (Mixed)
In Too Deep (Mixed)
The Way I Love You (feat. Cimo Fränkel) [Mixed]
Who Got The Keys (Mixed)
Everybody (Bingo Players Remix) [Mixed] (Bingo Players Remix (Mixed))
Best Is Yet To Come (feat. Joan Alasta) [Mixed]
Nothing On Us (Mixed)
Anthem (We Love House Music) [Mixed]
Riverside (Reloaded) [Mixed]
Blackout (Mixed)
Power (Lucas & Steve Remix) [Mixed] (Lucas & Steve Remix (Mixed))
No Good (Mixed)
Anywhere (Mixed)
Another Chance (Don Diablo Edit) [Mixed]
Give It Up (Mixed)
Coco's Miracle (Mixed)