Playa Ibiza 2019 (Hit Mania 2019)

Playa Ibiza 2019 (Hit Mania 2019)

49 Songs
Release Date
El Sol (Radio Edit) [feat. Noemi Amélie]
I Feel All Right (Radio Edit) [feat. Fabio D'andrea]
El Sueño Equivocado (Radio Edit) [feat. German Leguizamon]
Crazy Top (Extended Version)
What Does He Want (Radio Edit)
3OMRI 3ADDIT (Arabic Version) [feat. Selim]
Give Me Love (Radio Edit) [feat. GioCar]
Turn Your Love on Me (Dany Tee Radio Remix) [feat. Xent]
Dream (Radio Edit) [feat. Afrodite]
Let Me Fly Away (Radio Edit) [feat. >Nya<]
Explosive (Radio Edit)
What Your Mama Thinks (La La La) (Radio Edit Version)
Deathly Hallows (Radio Edit)
El Sueño Prohibido (Radio Edit) [feat. German Leguizamon]
No Matter (Radio Edit) [feat. Asha]
Butterfly (Radio Edit) [feat. Shila]
Be with You (Radio Edit) [feat. Saretha]
Living for the Music (Radio Edit) [feat. Anna]
Sex (Radio Edit) [feat. Junior Paes]
I Go Crazy (Radio Edit) [feat. Xent]
I'll Meet You One Day (Radio Edit) [feat. Xent]
Shoulda (Radio Edit)
On the Floor (Radio Edit) [feat. Junior Paes]
I'm Sorry for You (Radio Edit) [feat. Alessia Gasparrini]
Easily (Radio Edit)
We Still Wanted to Do (Radio Edit) [feat. Wavez]
Feeling Good (Radio Edit) [feat. Junior Paes]
The Legend (Radio Edit Remix) [feat. Marcamoly]
Su Nuraxi (Radio Edit) [feat. GioCar]
Vampire (Radio Edit)