Green Book (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Green Book (Original Motion Picture Soundtrac...

31 Songs
Release Date
881 7th Ave
So Long Lovers Island
Dr. Shirley's Luggage
I Feel Fine
A Letter from My Baby
You Took Advantage of Me
Blue Skies (The Don Shirley Trio)
Dear Dolores
Vacation Without Aggravation
What'cha Gonna Do
Water Boy (The Don Shirley Trio)
Dearest One
Field Workers
I Got a Call / The Exception
Makeup for Wounds / It's a Complicated World
Happy Talk (The Don Shirley Trio)
Governor on the Line
Need Some Sleep
Make the First Move
Lullaby of Birdland (The Don Shirley Trio)
The Lonesome Road (The Don Shirley Trio)
MMM Love
Thanks Officer
If You Want Me To
Thank You for the Letters