XXL Dance Sensation, Vol. 2 - 40 Tracks (Only Extended Maxi Versions)

XXL Dance Sensation, Vol. 2 - 40 Tracks (Only...

40 Songs
Release Date
Long Train (Josh The Funky 1 Re-Edit)
The Music (Ian Osborn, Nicolas Francoual & Jeremy Reyes Remix) [feat. Soozy Q.]
Trust Me (Swanky Tunes Remix)
Groovebox (Libex Remix) [feat. Julie Blax]
Spanish Piemento (feat. Levino)
The Bomb (Superbad Deejay Remix)
Sound of Happiness
African Flavour
Acordeon del Amor (Silvio Carrano Remix)
Encore (Vocal Mix) [feat. Simon Haze]
Lost Without You (Alex Deluxe Remix)
Raise Your Hands (Simon Le Grec Remix)
The Sirens Song
Ghostbusters (Vocal Mix)
Salvador (Chris Moody Remix) [feat. Teria Morada]
Break Off
Hey Baby, Hey Crazy (Locco Lovers Remix) [feat. Dill]
Rock, Paper, Scissors
Hit It! (Swennoh Remix)
Idea Fix
Toxic Kiss (Laanga Remix) [feat. Lyane Leigh & Kevin Kelly]
My Dirty Mistery (Anthem Mix)
The Day After (Will I Be Free) (Mike Candys & Jack Holiday Remix) [feat. Dee Dee]
Can't Get Enough (BK Duke & Falko Niestolik Remix)
Take Me to the Sky
Exitus (Club Mix)