Inspirational Quotes with Zen Essence – Best Tranquil Compilation for Positive and Uplifting Mood

Inspirational Quotes with Zen Essence – Best ...

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Not Creating Delusions Is Enlightenment
The More You Know, the Less You Need
Don’t Be Afraid to Just Sit and Watch
Become Comfortable with Not Knowing
Think with Your Whole Body
Love All. Serve All. Help Ever. Hurt Never
To Go Beyond Is as Wrong as to Fall Short
Roads Were Made for Journeys Not Destinations
Don’t Curse the Darkness, Light a Candle
Enlightenment Is Intimacy with All Things
Zen Has No Business with Ideas
Don’t Seek the Truth; Just Drop Your Opinions
Movement Is Evil. Being Still Is Good
Life Is a Second-by-Second Miracle
Zen Is Nothing to Get Excited About
Awareness Is the Greatest Agent for Change
This Will Never Come Again
Zen Is a Quiet Thing. It Listens
Silence Is the Language of Om
Life Is a Balance Between Rest and Movement
I Live by Letting Things Happen
Next to Love, Balance Is the Most Important Thing
Relax. Nothing Is Under Control
It Is the Power of the Mind to Be Unconquerable
Be Present Above All Else
The Best Cure for the Body Is a Quiet Mind
Sleep Is the Best Meditation
Accept Everything Just the Way It Is
Act Without Expectation
Think Lightly of Yourself and Deeply of the World