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Exploring our Relationship to Food | Things My Mother Didn't Tell Me

54% of people in the Arab world are at risk for developing an eating disorder. To help us make sense of this astounding statistic, we invited Dr. Melissa Rizk on the podcast. Dr. Melissa is a nutritionist and holistic health coach with a PhD in Cognitive Neurosciences specialised ...  Show more

Feelings and Thoughts of Loneliness

Rhea moved to London almost three months ago now. Living in this new city has made Rhea feel major bouts of loneliness, which often result in lots of tears. However, Rhea is not alone in her loneliness (see what we did there?). It turns out 1 in 3 millennials experience lonelines ...  Show more

Who Run the Time: Time for Decisions

We continuously spend time having to make decisions. It’s part of being an adult. In this episode of Who Run the Time, we talk you through our processes of making decisions, with Marilyn laying out the different frameworks she uses to sift through different options around her, an ...  Show more

Searching for Home with Farrah Berrou

It’s been a year since the August 4th explosion in Beirut. We wanted to commemorate the one year anniversary of the port explosion by having a conversation with our friend Farrah Berrou. A year ago, we had spoken to Farrah in the days after the explosion. We wanted to create a sp ...  Show more

Who Run the Time: The TV Binge Showdown

In our last episode we talked about how to deal with conflict. In this episode we get to practice what we preach, as we have one of our long standing debates on the microphone: to binge watch TV or not to binge watch TV. In one corner, we have Marilyn who is the ultimate binger ( ...  Show more

How to Deal with Conflict | Things my Mother Didn’t Tell Me

For our third episode of Things My Mother Didn’t Tell Me but My Best Friend Did, we dive deep into a topic that our families and communities never really taught us how to navigate: conflict. We share our own experiences around conflict, and discuss how to engage in a disagreement ...  Show more

Stuck in a Hotel Room for 10 Days

When she moved to the UK, Rhea had to spend ten full days quarantined in a hotel room. First things first: Rhea did not go crazy, and surprisingly enjoyed her time in between the four walls of her quarantine space. On day 9, Rhea and Marilyn sat down to reflect on Rhea's loc ...  Show more

We’re not Crying, You’re Crying

After a year of living in the same city, Rhea is moving to London. This means that we are about to embark on a long distance relationship. We recorded one last episode together in person, and suffice it to say: it got emotional. Rhea talked about  her struggle in sharing her emot ...  Show more

What to Expect When You’re no longer Expecting | Things My Mother didn’t Tell Me

One in four pregnancies end in a miscarriage, and yet the there is little medical and psychological resources available to guide women on how to go through this traumatic experience. Our friend, Tala Odeh was brave enough to come on our podcast to share her own story on miscarria ...  Show more

What’s My Bra Size? | Things My Mother Didn’t Tell Me

80% of women don’t know what their bra size is. Most of us also do not know what cup shape best suits us, or where to even begin browsing when entering a lingerie store. Pair all of that with the unrealistic standards of beauty set by the media and brands (we see you Victoria Sec ...  Show more

Game Night with the Coffee Break Girls

In this episode, we are joined for our version of  game night by Nathalie Marsi and Nadyn Chalhoub, the hilarious duo behind Coffee Break. We quiz Nathalie and Nadyn on who knows who better, we debate whether aisle or window is the way to go on a plane, and we discover that the l ...  Show more

Food, Cultural Appropriation, Diversity, and Authenticity in Media with June Xie

June Xie is a Senior Food Producer at Delish and is the host of YouTube series Budget Eats as well as other series on the Delish Channel. In this episode, June joins Marilyn and Rhea in  conversation on the challenges in producing food media in the world’s current climate. June t ...  Show more

A Year of Entrepreneurship

During the early days of the pandemic, when the world went on lockdown, Marilyn started her own company: Cosmic Centaurs. For the past year, Marilyn and her team have been helping leaders and organizations shape the future of work and learning. During this special episode, Marily ...  Show more

Who Run the Time: the Bumble edit - We’re Swiping Left, We’re Swiping Right

For all the single people out there, the pandemic has been a lonely and boring period. Have you ever tried dating six feet apart? Despite it all, Rhea decided to get back in the dating field, and who better to serve as her virtual wingwoman, and help her put together her online d ...  Show more

Dr Sandrine Attallah on The Dividing and Unifying Role of Media

Dr Sandrine Atallah is a consultant in sexual medicine, a certified psychosexologist and a hypnotherapist. She is also the host of her own podcast, Hakeh Sareeh, where she provides scientific information about sex, sexuality and gender to the Arab world. Despite the fundamental w ...  Show more

Can You Shatter Glass Ceilings while Working from Home?

This past year has turned the way we work on its head. The pandemic and work from home has affected all of us in different ways, depending on our profession, our location, our personalities and of course our gender. On this episode Marilyn and Rhea debate whether distributed work ...  Show more

Sexuality, Gender and Sexual Education in Middle East with Rana El Aaraj

Rana El Aaraj joins us in a conversation around sexuality and gender in the Middle East. Rana breaks down the current state of sexual education and gender identity in the Arab world. We also discuss why labels matter, and debate how we could work towards a more inclusive society. ...  Show more

Who Run the Time: Love it! Couldn’t wear it...

In the past, we’ve talked about how we’ve used time to learn new things, play fun games, start stimulating conversations, consume the pop culture content du jour, and do so many other beneficial activities. So naturally, we decided to dedicate an entire episode to the things we d ...  Show more

We’re 2 (years old)

Two years ago this week, we launched the very first episode of Who Run the World. We decided to celebrate by inviting our moms Antoinette and Nicole onto the podcast and have them speak about their proudest accomplishments: us! The last two years have been an incredible ride. We ...  Show more

Truths and Myths about the Covid 19 Vaccines with Dr. Rania Ayat Hawayek

There is a lot of fake news circulating around the different COVID 19 vaccines. We invited Dr. Rania Ayat Hawayek onto the podcast so she can set the record straight. Which vaccine should you take? What's the difference between Sinopharm, Pfizer and Moderna? What should you ...  Show more

Turning 30: Coriander, shots and the importance of compounding

Turning 30 means you’re about a 1/3rd of your life in and so it is no wonder that most people commemorate this milestone by taking note of what life has taught them so far. On the occasion of Rhea’s 30th birthday, her co-host Marilyn wrote her a card with her wittiest advice on h ...  Show more

Caroline Fattal Stands for Women

Since the Beirut explosion, I Stand For Women went from social media to social action. Behind this NGO is businesswoman Caroline Fattal, who with her team of volunteers has helped one hundred and nine women business owners in Lebanon. Caroline started the Marion Fund, named in ho ...  Show more

Who Run the Time: The Five Languages of Lebanese Love

This episode is for anybody who is Lebanese, has a Lebanese parent, significant other, friend, or is just around Lebanese people a lot, as we break down five different ways  Lebanese people express their love. Whether it's through excessive feeding, endless teasing, or unnec ...  Show more

Who Run the Time: The Bridgerton Binge

Rhea and Marilyn kicked off 2021 by binge watching the Netflix original series Bridgerton. In this episode Rhea shows off her knowledge on all things Shonda Rhimes (Grey’s Anatomy included), and we both express our undying (and unrequited) love for Bridgerton’s breakout star: the ...  Show more

Lebanese History & Women in Academia with Leb Historian Chloe Kattar

Chloe Kattar is a historian, and is currently pursuing a PhD in history at Cambridge University, where she is writing her thesis that analyzes the intellectual history of the Lebanese civil war. Since the start of the Lebanese revolution on October 17th 2019, Chloe’s Instagram pa ...  Show more

Who Run the Time: Our Very Merry Christmas Special

As for many, Christmas 2020 looks a bit different for us - we won’t be traveling to see our families, or going back to Lebanon where we normally spend the holidays. So we thought it would be fun to take a little walk down memory lane and revisit gifts of time’s past. We asked our ...  Show more

Who Run the Time: The Five Languages of Human Connection RERUN

This week we are re-sharing one of our favorite episodes we recorded this year on the 5 love languages - A great listen for this holiday season! With every passing week of social distancing our need for human connection grows, whether we are introverts or extroverts. In this epis ...  Show more

Rising from the Dust with Mellow’s Guilda Khoury

Guilda Khoury’s concept store Mellow was one of the very first shops to open in Beirut’s design district Mar Mikhael seven years ago. After the August 4th Beirut explosion, which completely shattered Guilda’s store, Mellow was yet again the first to reopen in a ravaged Mar Mikhae ...  Show more

Blu Fiefer on Raising our Voices

Blu Fiefer is a Lebanese-Mexican singer, songwriter, producer, director and pole dancer. We asked Blu to come on as a guest off the heels of her latest release Sint el Ew, which made the rounds on social media, having truly put its finger on the collective Lebanese angst in words ...  Show more

Who Run the Time: Getting a Driver's License in Dubai

As holders of Lebanese licenses, we quickly realized that the process of getting a UAE driver license was quite the ordeal. In this episode, we break down our road to driving (pun intended) by comparing and contrasting notes on the different tests we had to take and the colorful ...  Show more