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Rhea Freezes Her Eggs! (w/ Marilyn and Rhea)

In an October 2023 episode with OB/GYN and fertility specialist Dr. Gaël Abou Ghannam, Marilyn and Dr. Gaël encouraged Rhea to freeze her eggs. Well, listeners…drum roll, please…she did it! Not only did she do it – she’s also ready to tell you all about it. In this episode, Maril ...  Show more

Motherhood in the Entertainment Industry (w/ Rabab Hashim)

Choosing to pursue a career as an actor and media personality is hard. Choosing to pursue such a career as someone of South Asian or SWANA descent is hard. Becoming a mother is…you guessed it, also hard. Doing all three? That’s just awe-inspiring. In this episode, Marilyn and Rhe ...  Show more

Turning 5 on Valentine’s Day (w/ Marilyn and Rhea)

On Valentine’s Day 2019, a little show by the name Who Run the World was released into the world. 5 years later, that little show is thriving! Who would’ve thought? Marilyn and Rhea certainly did. In this 5th anniversary special, Marilyn and Rhea look back at the show and its (hu ...  Show more

Understanding the ICJ Ruling (w/ Human Rights Watch’s Omar Shakir)

In the wake of the International Court of Justice's ruling on January 26th, 2024 stating that Israel must do all it can to prevent genocide, Marilyn and Rhea sit down with the Israel and Palestine Director at Human Rights Watch Omar Shakir to understand the dimensions of Sou ...  Show more

What's Your Word of the Year? (w/ Marilyn and Rhea)

WRTW is back! As the show approaches its fifth birthday (stay tuned), Marilyn and Rhea sit down to reflect on the year that was and the year to come. How did they do when it came to their 2023 words of the year? What words did they select for 2024? And how can you, our dear liste ...  Show more