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It’s Labor to Labor

Marilyn is inching closer to her due date, and that means she has a few key decisions to make around her labor. Epidural or no epidural? Constant monitoring of the baby’s heartbeat or sporadic monitoring? Where to give birth and which care provider to have? Vaginal or cesarean? D ...  Show more

Moving Forward to Dubai

We start this episode off with a very special announcement: Rhea has moved back (or forward - depends how you look at it) to Dubai! She has started a brand new job at Spotify, and on this episode she breaks down her decision making process that got her there. We also talk about g ...  Show more

Final Stretch of Pregnancy: Body, Tribe and Data

This episode is all about the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy as Marilyn shares everything she has experienced in the last 6 months. She tells Rhea about all the ways her body has changed, and how her little girl has been sucking the energy out of her (we love you Gaby!). She ...  Show more

Let’s Talk about Single Shaming

Something that many Arab women have faced in their lifetime is single shaming. In this episode we dive deep into single shaming: how it shows up, how to respond to single shaming and Marilyn even hits us with some stats (since the pandemic single shaming has been on the rise). We ...  Show more

The Bridgerton Binge Season 2 | Who Run the Time

We spent all last week immersed in the latest gossip taking over the ton. In other words, we binge watched season 2 of Bridgerton, and we have a lot of things to say about it. We rank our favorite subplots, play a good old game of kill, fuck or marry, while comparing and contrast ...  Show more