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From Kitchen Counters to Office Cubicles - A Chat with Hadi Kabalan on AI's Impact

Join us in this episode as we talk to Hadi Kabalan, the First Husband of Who Run the World, about the ever-growing influence of AI in our daily lives. From organizing our travel plans to crafting the perfect emails, AI has become our ultimate brainstorm buddy. Together, we explor ...  Show more

We Were on a Break! A Conversation on Friendship Breakups

On this episode, we are sad to announce… Just kidding! We're thrilled to be back with a story from Maria and Fidan. They take us on a journey through a friendship breakup, sharing their experience of grieving the loss of their friendship, rediscovering themselves, and ultima ...  Show more

Online Dating & How to Be Flirty and Mysterious | Who Run the Time

Back by popular demand, this episode is all about Rhea’s dating life and how to survive the online world of dating. Whether it be Bumble, Hinge, Tinder, The League or any dating app, online dating can really be a slog. Do you talk to one person or to a whole bunch of people at th ...  Show more

New Year, New Intentions

Happy 2023 everyone! In our first episode of the year, Rhea and Marilyn share with each other what their word of the year is. We breakdown our thoughts about new year resolutions and intention setting. As always, we are two kinds of people with two different approaches to goal se ...  Show more

How to Navigate Family During the Holidays | Who Run the Time

In the last part of our Who Run the Holidays series, we talk all about how to manage family dynamics during the holiday season - or as we like to call it: the official guide to your family offsite. Whether you are the one visiting family or if family is coming to see you, we brea ...  Show more