Wikolia Music for DJS, Vol. 5 (Worldwide Edition)

Wikolia Music for DJS, Vol. 5 (Worldwide Edit...

15 Songs
Release Date
Zombie (Acapella) [feat. Ketty Passa]
I Like Chopin (Chris River & Reat Kay Extended Remix) [feat. Lucy]
Everyday (Extended Version)
Raise Your Glass (Extended Version)
Stay There (Extended Version)
Marilyn Monroe (Sheypol Vip Extended Remix)
Darkest You (Extended Version)
The Fight (Christian Tanz vs. Dn'm Remix)
Molokai (Extended Version)
Shadows (Extended Version)
Woodland Creatures (Extended Version)
Rock the Klubb (Club Mix)
Sunshine (Extended Version) [feat. Magasax]
Shaker (Oh Oh) [Extended Version]