Batman and Harley Quinn (Music From The DC Universe Original Movie)

Batman and Harley Quinn (Music From The DC Un...

35 Songs
Release Date
STAR Labs Infiltration
Batman & Harley Quinn Main Title
STAR Labs Investigation
Nocturnal Activity
Have You Seen Her
Hiding From Society
Alleyway Encounter
Forensic Clue
Turning Up The Heat
Awkward Afterglow
Harley Is Mad
Prom Date Chase
Off To Bludhaven / Please Pull Over
In Jeopardy
Injection Trial
Breakthrough And Discovery
Suprisingly Genuine
Tuber Tripping
Feeling Kind Of Down
A Very Shirley Batwing
Into The Swamp
Peril In The Swamp
Serious Girl Fight
Forest Fist Fights
Ivy Is On The Fence
Ivy's Choice
Swamp Thing Returns
Serious Shrub Problems
Batman & Harley Quinn End Credits, Pt. 1