Acoustic Hits

Acoustic Hits

30 Songs
Release Date
Morningtown Ride (Mono)
Bad Day (Acoustic Version)
Both Sides Now
Letter from America (Acoustic Version)
Cat's In the Cradle
Waterfalls (Acoustic Version)
You Might Need Somebody (Acoustic Version)
Year of the Cat
Hand In My Pocket (Acoustic Version)
Hard to Beat (Acoustic Version)
Take a Chance (Acoustic Version)
Ferry Cross the Mersey (No Strings Version)
Leaving London
Never Went to Church (Acoustic Version)
It's Been Awhile (Acoustic Version)
Burning Benches (Acoustic Version)
Ordinary World (Acoustic Version)
Angel In the Snow (Acoustic Version)
No Regrets
History (Kerrang Acoustic Version)
Testing 1, 2, 3 (Acoustic Version)
Amazing Grace
A World of Our Own (Mono)
All I Really Want (Acoustic Version)
Wish U Were Here (Acoustic)
Sidewalks (Acoustic Version)
On the Way Down (Acoustic Version)
Somebody (Acoustic Version)
Skyline (Acoustic Version)
Paint My Love (Acoustic Version)