Dragon Age Inquisition (Original Game Soundtrack)

Dragon Age Inquisition (Original Game Soundtr...

39 Songs
Release Date
Dragon Age Inquisition Theme
Escape From The Fade
The Wrath Of Heaven
Calling The Inquisition
Champions Of The Just
Lord Seeker
In Hushed Whispers
In Your Heart Shall Burn
The Dawn Will Come
Journey To Skyhold
The Western Approach
Siege Of Adamant
Adamant Fortress
The Fall
The Place Of All Fears
Nightmare's End
Val Royeaux
Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts
The Inquisition Marches
The Lost Temple
Death On The Bridge
Guardians Of The Past
The Well Of Sorrows
Call His Wrath
The Lie In Which You Linger
Battle In The Sky
Tooth And Scale
Let The Skies Boil