Andean Massage Melodies (Soothing Flute & Guitar for Spa & Relaxation)

Andean Massage Melodies (Soothing Flute & Gui...

29 Songs
Release Date
Invoking the Dreamers
Andean Mist
Dream Shamens
Cusco: Magic City
Healing Tones for Touch
Magical Strings
Symbols &Sounds
Andean Sunrise
Gentle Morning on the Mountain Trail
Andean Moon Magic
Mystical Melodies from the Ancients
Song of the Sun Queen
Shepherd's Night Melodies
Nature & Flute Meditation in the Highlands
Melody for the Ancient Ones
Evening Falls on the Andean Lake
Evening Breeze
Evening at the Mountain Base
Massage Tones from the Secret Ruins
Solo Flute Melody
Peaceful Mountain Sleep
Flute Magic from High Above
Glances at the Campfire
Beckoning Dreamers
Enter the Shamens' Circle
Rhythms of Midnight
Night Spirit Flight
Night Flight over Lima