The Director's Choice: Quentin Tarantino - Music from His Movies

The Director's Choice: Quentin Tarantino - Mu...

25 Songs
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Little Green Bag (From "Reservoir Dogs")
Stuck in the Middle with You (From "Reservoir Dogs")
Hooked on a Feeling (From "Reservoir Dogs")
Miserlou (From "Pulp Fiction")
Surf Rider (From "Pulp Fiction")
Bullwinkle, Part II (From "Pulp Fiction")
You're so Cool (From "True Romance")
The Flower Duet (Lakmé) [From "True Romance"]
Night on Bare Mountain (From "Natural Born Killers")
Moon over Greene County (From "Natural Born Killers")
After Dark (From "Dawn Till Dusk")
The Lonely Shepherd (From "Kill Bill, Volume 1")
Bang, Bang (From "Kill Bill, Volume 1")
The Grand Duel (Parte Prima) [From "Kill Bill, Volume 1"]
L'arena (From "Kill Bill, Volume 2")
A Fistful of Dollars (From "Kill Bill, Volume 2")
Sin City (End Titles)
Paranoia Prima (From "Death Proof")
Jeepster (From "Death Proof")
The Last Race (From "Death Proof")
Across 110th. Street (From "Jackie Brown")
Grind House (Main Titles)
Tiger Tank (From "Inglorious Basterds")
Rabbia E Trantella (From "Inglorious Basterds")
Django (From "Django Unchained")