Slow West (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Slow West (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack...

29 Songs
Release Date
Orion's Belt
Jay's Theme
Let's Drift
Let's Drift Theme
Mbanza Congo
The Trading Post
The Swedes
In Where?
Rupert's Death
Am Bata Uaine
Jay Alone Theme
A New World (For Them)
After Werner
Fly to Rose
Aeolian Arietta
Rose Ross Is Her Name
Absinthe Theme
A Falling Angel
The Minstrel's Song
Jupiter and Mars (Instrumental)
Not Bad Kid
The Washing Line
Theme from The Orkestra of the Dead
Kill That House
The Shoot Out
Jay Alone Theme (Revisited)
I Am A Soldier Of The Cross
A New World (For Us)
Slow West