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Boris Daenen (Dutch: [ˈboːrɪs ˈdaːnə(n)]; born 22 March 1989), better known by his stage name Netsky (/ˈnɛt.skaɪ/ net-SKY),[2] is a Belgian drum and bass producer and musician.[3] The name Netsky is based on the computer virus of the same name.[4] Netsky produces music of the liquid funk style – drum and bass music with many instrumental layers and frequent vocals.[5] High Contrast's 'Gold Digger' remix was a major influence on him. In late 2009, Netsky signed a recording contract with Hospital Records, the same label as other well known liquid artists such as High Contrast and London Elektricity. He also won a nomination as "Best Upcoming Producer" within just months of his first release at the 2010 Drum & Bass Arena Awards.[6] Hospital Records released Netsky's self-titled debut album on 31 May 2010. His second album, titled 2, was released on 25 June 2012.[7] The album features three singles and a deluxe edition was later released supported by a fourth single, "We Can Only Live Today (Puppy)".[citation needed] Between 2013 and 2014, Netsky left Hospital Records to sign with Sony Music under Ultra Music,[8] but with a special A&R arrangement to continue connections with Hospital Records.[9] His 2015 single "Rio" was featured in the London 2016 New Year's celebrations.[10] In early 2020, Netsky re-signed with Hospital Records and released the single, "I See the Future in Your Eyes"