I Am Kloot

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I Am Kloot are an English rock band formed in Manchester in 1999. The band consists of vocalist/guitarist John Bramwell, bassist Peter Jobson and drummer Andy Hargreaves. The band have released six studio albums to date, and were nominated for the Mercury Prize in 2010 for the album Sky at Night. The band name had been shrouded in secrecy for the majority of the band's existence. In early 2013, in an interview for the Sheffield Telegraph, Peter Jobson said that the band "wanted a name that wasn’t a commitment to anything in particular". However, in the next year, while promoting the From There to Here soundtrack, Jobson confirmed that the name I Am Kloot is inspired by the Alan J. Pakula film Klute. He also claims that "I Am Kloot is a left handed card game made famous in the diaries of Jerome K. Jerome" – the same game the rules of which are expounded in Jerome’s novel "Three Men on the Bummel".