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This is a comprehensive list of personnel including all the various reunions for hard rock band Thin Lizzy. The original band was led and run by writer, singer and bassist (and occasional acoustic guitar player) Phil Lynott. Thin Lizzy disbanded when he decided to end the group. with with with with with with Band split Though not an actual reunion, a project credited to Gary Moore and Phil Lynott which also featured Brian Downey on drums produced a single; "Out in the Fields" in 1985. Proper reunions, however, did not take place until after Lynott's death in 1986. Various projects subsequently appeared presenting themselves as tributes to Phil Lynott and Thin Lizzy. Musicians from the original (1969–1983) incarnations of the band are listed in bold. Band Split Band Split Band Split Band Split In 1996 John Sykes decided to put together a fully reformed Thin Lizzy that would survive as a long term project rather than a brief set of reunion concerts. Scott Gorham has been a part of this, and initially Brian Downey and Darren Wharton were also included, in a lineup identical to the 1994 shows. However, the latter two left the band in 1998 and 2001 respectively. In 2010, following a ten-month period of inactivity due to Sykes's departure, a new lineup was announced, anchored around Gorham and the returning Downey and Wharton. Musicians from the original (1969–1983) incarnation of the band are listed in bold. Band on hiatus Band on hiatus