Esther Eden

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Is This Love (Dezarate & Dee Marcus Mix Radio Edit)
Bittersweet Love
Here We Go (Hollaphonic Remix)

When Jessie J invited me to sing for her concert, I bet she never thought how she would change my life. With that first taste of performing to an audience of over 10,000, started my journey of self-discovery and music that I did not know existed within me. Since then I released by album 'Solitaire' and am working on my next single. I have performed for Red Fest DXB 2016 on my own strength and then performed for Beats on the Beach with an audience of over 40,000. Been handpicked by Red Bull Music Academy to participate in their Bass Camp held here in Dubai. I hope that in some way or the other my music has touched a chord in you as making other happy is what I enjoy doing the most. My lyrics are meant to lift your spirits and empower you to be the person you deserve to be..... Thank you for joining me in my journey.