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Actually, she thought she'd take a break and 'see how it was about making music'. In the meantime, the whole of the Netherlands knows how it went: at the age of 18, Maan took the win at The Voice of Holland and became a national idol. Meanwhile, her second single is a fact: with Ride, It proves Moon that she is a new star to the Dutch music firm. Still, she's only 19 years old. Nevertheless, Maan de Steenwinkel has been making music for many years. Funny enough hangs her first music reunion with Marco Borsato, the coach who helped her with The Voice to victory. "The first thing I still know is that we sat in Italy and I sang with Marco's song Never More One Morning. I was a year or three and always called "song pain" because of a certain text line. "From a musical family she did not really come; father and mother play a little piano, the moon itself got both piano and cross-flute lessons. Grandfather Grandpa and Grandma were Dutch champion dancing dances, so maybe the entertainment comes from there. But that's a song that broke out early. From the foundation at the Vrijeschool, she got a lot of education at school. "We sang when we entered, before eating, when we went home, always". That hit, and in high school, Moon participated in "everything organized on singing," she says. With a few friends, she handed herself for the Junior Song Contest, where they came to the last seventy, but not high enough to sing on television. Through her music teacher, she became approached to a local talent hunt, and she did, together with three girlfriends and a pianist. They sang in a row and won. The band expanded, got the name Fortuned and mainly performed in and around Maan's hometown of Bergen, such as at events such as Jazz & Sail and Breaking the Waves. She occasionally performed solo, for example in the Amsterdam Club Dauphine. There was no real line, but Moon had to make the taste of the music. After completing the gymnasium successfully, Maan decided to take a break, to be busy with music and 'to see what could come out'. Via via she was scanned for The Voice. "I used to think about it earlier: it was secretly a dream to do such a blind audition once. That round was already a beautiful goal for me. It was especially crazy to stand there on that stage for those four red seats. That the chairs might turn, I did not dare to think so. "That's better than thought, it might be clear: Moon sang The Power Of Love, all four chairs turned around and she chose Marco Borsato as a coach. He spoke promising words about his new protege: "Moon has a very own way of singing, in which she plays with her head and chest voice in a way that I find very exciting. And she hits me. Time after time. Chick skin on my spine, a lump in my throat or eyes full, it all can. " Round after round of The Voice they survived. "I've always been involved in: every round lake has been taken," confesses Moon. "At the blind auditions I was a bit afraid of the reactions, but the negative stayed out and in the following rounds as well. Only when we were in the live shows with little left and more and more people came to predict that I was going to win, I dared to think carefully. " Although they all won the finals, Moon was happy with her title 'The Voice of Holland 2016'. She released her first single Perfect World, produced by none other than top DJ Hardwell. The song immediately became Alarmed Disk, entered the Top 40, ended up at number 1 in the iTunes chart and at 100% NL. Recently she also received a gold award for Perfect World. Moon is on its own. Her second single Ride It still got the fire bounce on live tv in The Voice Kids final, but now she has to move on. The first signs are good: Ride It, produced by Jack $ hirak (known by New Wave, Lil 'Kleine) & Project Money (Mr. Polska, B-Brave) hits and the performances are going well. "I'm still looking for my own style," she explains on request. "Would like to bring a ballad, but I also feel that uptempo songs are nice to act." Her own influences are "pop and some jazz", like Norah Jones, Gregory Porter and, above all, her great idol Beyoncé. "She is my example. Beyoncé's music includes different genres, and that seems to me something: try everything. As long as people hear me being and I like the song, I want to sing it. " Her dream: sell out big rooms. "It seems amazing to me that I do a private concert and people really come to me. Sell out rooms because fans love my songs, that's obviously the intention. "Experience on a large stage already has it: she was in Holland Zingt Hazes in the Ziggo Dome. That middle year has long been over, but it has just been extended for a while. "For the moment, I hope that I can go through this. I really like everything: singing, but everything about it. Meet people, write songs, interviews, everything is crazy. Living the dream, that's actually. And I do not have to wake up for a moment. "