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All Day and All of the Night

The Adolescents are an American punk rock band formed in 1980 in Fullerton, California. From its earliest days, the band has functioned as a kind of SoCal punk supergroup, being formed originally from early members of Agent Orange and Social Distortion. Since its inception The Adolescents has undergone a series of breakups, reunions, and lineup changes. Their first breakup came in 1981, the same year their self-titled debut LP was released. The band reunited in 1986 and released the LPs Brats in Battalions and Balboa Fun*Zone before splitting up again in 1989. After a one-off reunion performance in 1994, the band reunited yet again in 2001 for a 20th anniversary tour and have continued performing ever since. The Adolescents began releasing new material again with the albums OC Confidential (2005) and The Fastest Kid Alive (2011). The band has influenced many notable punk rock, alternative and hard rock/metal groups, including Bad Religion, NOFX, Face to Face, Good Riddance,The Offspring,Pennywise,Red Hot Chili Peppers, Fu Manchu, Mudhoney,Blink-182 and The Vandals.