Emdee Jabr

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It Ain’t Right (Radio Edit) [feat. Emdee Jabr]

Emdee Jabr is a Lebanese music producer based in Beirut. Emdee started his music career in 2005, focusing mainly on Trance and House music. As he progressed, many of his produced songs were played by International DJs including Tiesto, Cosmic Gate, and W&W. Emdee later shifted his career in the music industry, and began working with International artists to produce Pop, Hip Hop, and EDM songs. In 2018, Emdee joined Anghami (the Middle East's #1 music streaming platform), as their music producer. This new phase in his career opened up many innovative challenges, which allowed Emdee to merge his main background with arabic music, to come up with a brand new sound. Emdee has worked with many Arabic artists such as Joseph Attieh, Cyrine Abdel Nour, Nancy Ajram, Adonis, Samo Zein, Issa El Marzoug, and Joe Ashkar.