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Elias Haddad is a Lebanese pianist, guitarist and composer. The music he writes can be labeled under contemporary classical but with a definite twist. Elias has been composing since his teenage years. Lately he decided to start recording his compositions resulting in the release of his first album, Memories Relived, which is a blend of compositions from his earlier years of writing music. A stubborn classically trained piano student, Elias disliked taking piano lessons as a child but preferred improvising and playing the tunes that sing from within. “I do not dare to play a piano piece in front of him because he will play it by ear and let go of the music sheets” Marion Zein, the piano teacher Elias remembers to this day. His influences are numerous and from different musical worlds ranging from classical to progressive rock to modern day minimalists like Ludovico Einaudi, Yann Tiersen, and Philip Glass. The wide range of influences along with the free will of Elias and his unwillingness to follow a certain set of rules or guidelines in creating music results in truly free harmonic sounding compositions. His second album, Visions, is now released and available.