Samer Fanek

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Samer Fanek (Arabic: سامر الفانك) is an award-winning Polish-Jordanian pianist, keyboardist, composer and producer of contemporary instrumental music. Both of his album releases, “Guide Me” (2018) and “Wishful Thinking” (2016), received glowing press reviews and debuted at #1 on three Amazon charts in the genre, with the former album also charting nationally at #12 on the US New Age Billboard charts. Samer won several awards and nominations with his music, including winning the Great American Song Contest for best instrumental song, silver medals in the Global Music Awards, and a nomination in the Hollywood Music in Media Awards (HMMA) . His debut album also made the 59th Grammy® Awards first-round ballot in the Best New Age Album category. Born on December 11, 1986 in Amman, Jordan and currently residing in the San Francisco Bay Area, his passion for piano-driven instrumental music began early on during his teenage years, where he taught himself how to play his favorite songs by ear on the piano. It wasn't long before he discovered music production software which granted him the opportunity to experiment with many instrument sounds and record music with them. Samer was then able to arrange and perform songs without ever needing to learn sheet music. Later on, after creating countless instrumental and piano solo arrangements of his favorite songs by ear, he started posting some of them as video performances on YouTube, gathering over 3 million cumulative global views to date. Following his YouTube success, he went on to compose his own music and developed a signature style of powerful, melodic and dramatic compositions with a story-telling quality, influenced by an interesting combination of Yanni and Queen. Samer has a long time dream to some day take his compositions from his home studio to the world stage and perform it with talented musicians and orchestras throughout the globe. On July 22, 2016 Samer released his debut album, “Wishful Thinking”, featuring thirteen instrumental music compositions which he composed, performed and produced in his home studio. The album won two silver medals in the Global Music Awards for Best Album and Creativity/Originality. It was also nominated for the 2016 Hollywood Music in Media Awards (HMMA) in the Contemporary Classical/Instrumental category and recently made the 59th Grammy® Awards first-round ballot in the Best New Age Album category. The album composition “Freefall” won first place in the 18th Annual Great American Song Contest, with judges praising it for its “beautifully engaging melody and creatively devised structure.” Samer released his second album, “Guide Me”, on December 11, 2018. Also composed, performed and produced in his home studio, the album takes his listeners on a musical journey with an eclectic mix of piano-driven instrumental compositions, alongside a three emotional piano solos. Similar to his debut album, “Guide Me” also received glowing reviews and topped the Amazon “Best Sellers in New Age”, “Hot New Releases in New Age” and “Movers and Shakers” charts. Samer Fanek's music can be regularly heard on numerous FM and internet radio stations in the United States and internationally, peaking at #2 on the international Zone Music Reporter (ZMR) Top 100 Radio Airplay chart, the monthly aggregate chart which tracks worldwide radio airplay of albums in the new age, world music, and instrumental music genres. Radio programmers also nominated Samer for the 13th Annual ZMR Music Awards for Best New Artist and Best Neo-Classical Album.