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Part of the M-28 series, one of Wikipedia's featured topics. July 24: Pioneer Day in Utah (1847) Forty titles were produced for the Sega 32X, an add-on for the Sega Genesis video game console. Codenamed "Project Mars", the 32X was designed to expand the power of the Genesis and serve as a holdover until the release of the Sega Saturn. Independent of the Genesis, the 32X used its own ROM cartridges and had its own library of games. The product was originally conceived as an entirely new console by Sega of Japan and positioned as an inexpensive alternative for gamers into the 32-bit era, but at the suggestion of Sega of America research and development head Joe Miller, the console was converted into an add-on to the existing Genesis and made more powerful, with two 32-bit central processing unit chips and a 3D graphics processor. Among the titles for the 32X were ports of arcade games Space Harrier and Star Wars Arcade, a sidescroller with a hummingbird as a main character in Kolibri, a 32X-exclusive game in the Sonic the Hedgehog series in Knuckles' Chaotix, and a version of Doom that was noted for its movement and game length issues when compared to other versions of the game. (Full list...) Der Busant is a Middle High German verse narrative known from a single manuscript and several fragments. It tells of a love affair between the Princess of France and the Prince of England, who elope but are separated after a buzzard steals one of the princess's rings; after more than a year of separation, with the prince having gone mad and living as a wild man, they are reunited. This fragment of a linen tapestry, which depicts the prince as a wild man and the princess on her palfrey, is held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Tapestry: Unknown Wikipedia is hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit organization that also hosts a range of other projects: This Wikipedia is written in English. Started in 2001 (2001), it currently contains 4,925,440 articles. Many other Wikipedias are available; some of the largest are listed below.