House of Wolves

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There She Goes (Acoustic Version)
Flight (Acoustic Version)

House of Wolves is the melancholic folk solo project from Los Angeles singer songwriter Rey Villalobos. Mastering fragile romantic nostalgia, his songs are magnetic and evocative. Villalobos emerged as the singer, songwriter, and frontman in his first musical project "The Coral Sea" which blends the modern sensibilities of neo-psychedelic rock with beautiful orchestral string arrangements. Next creating ‘House of Wolves’ as a way to access more mellow ambient compositions. A classically trained pianist, he fell in love with the Chopin nocturnes in his youth and still considers the nocturnes an influence today. Whether solo acoustic or in an ensemble, Villalobos’ music and  recordings reveal an intimate portrait of hauntingly sentimental and unreserved songs echoing from another era..