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Give Me Love (feat. Kamelia)
Wir tanzen durch die Nacht

Kamelia Vladimirova Veskova (born 10 January 1971), better known as Kamelia, is one of the biggest Chalga stars in Bulgaria. She started her career in the mid 1990s and released her first album in 1998. Kamelia was born in Chiprovtsi, Bulgaria. She was discovered by Payner Music in 1997, the same year she signed a deal with Payner Studio. She was one of the first performers of the Chalga genre. Some of her most famous songs are: "Fire Girl", "Ti si", "Ti si vinoven", "Where Are You", "Zaleza i zorata" and "Luda po tebe". Kamelia posed for Playboy in 2006, and again in 2008.