DJ Eddie

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ميكس خليجي (الجزء الاول)
انغام عراقية - الجزء الاول - دي جي ايدي
اسراء الاصيل - عروسة ريميكس (دي جي ايدي)
قلب ثاني ريميكس (دي جي ايدي) سيف نبيل
كارديو ميكس اجمل اغاني جيم و رياضة عربية تحفيزية حماسية
حبنا الاكبر ريميكس (قيس هشام و احمد المصلاوي)

DJ Eddie has been DJing professionally since 2004 and playing percussion instruments (drums, tabla, & more) since 2001 and was always into producing his own mixes. Born in Baghdad, Iraq & currently living in Canada. He also does sound design & editing for a variety of professional video productions. He has taken stage and party lighting to another level in Vancouver, Canada for his events. DJ Eddie enjoys playing a bit of guitar and keyboard (piano) and comes from a family of singers/musicians. He has occasionally written and composed a few songs/lyrics. DJ Eddie worked with many amazing artists such as Hussam AlRassam, Adel Ogla, & many other Assyrian/Chaldean singers as well. He graduated from the New Media program from BCIT in 2006 and has a career as a multimedia designer/developer. DJ Eddie loves sports especially football (soccer) and enjoys breakdancing as well. Check out more details at his official website as well as his active YouTube channel Follow on social media @djeddie11 & @e11world