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"KANGDANIEL is a South Korean rapper/vocalist/dancer, best known for finishing #1 at hit K-Pop idol auditioning TV program Produce 101 (season 2). KANG DANIEL debuted with Wanna One on August 7, 2017 and their debut EP became a huge success. In 2019, KANGDANIEL successfully debuted a solo artist through his debut EP ‘color on me’ – selling a record breaking number of 400K albums, KANGDANIEL quickly became an established artist not only in Korea but worldwide. Upon releasing his second EP “CYAN”, which is the beginning of his ‘COLORS’ trilogy project, KANG DANIEL debuted at No. 8 on Billboard’s Next Big Sound chart in April 2020. The second part of the trilogy, “MAGENTA” was released on August 2020, and KANG DANIEL has officially surpassed a million in total solo album sales, only a year after his solo debut. Making his first comeback in 2021 with the new single “PARANOIA”, KANG DANIEL drew praise among listeners for its deep message and musicality. The release also met with positive reception from all over the world where it ranked first in 10 countries and charted in over 26 regions on iTunes. The single debuted on Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales chart at #5. He then released the EP ‘YELLOW’ last year, as the final installment of his three-part project aimed to find his true colors, and now returns with his first ever full-length album ‘The Story’ to unravel his stories through his music. "