David Hodges

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Waking Up With You (feat. David Hodges)
When It All Goes Away
Waking Up With You (ASOT 930) [Tune Of The Week] [feat. David Hodges]
Another Red Light
Rush (feat. David Hodges)
Waking Up With You (ASOT 956) [Trending Track] (ReOrder Remix) [feat. David Hodges]
Waking Up With You (ASOT 955) (ReOrder Remix) [feat. David Hodges]

David Hall Hodges (born December 5, 1978) is a songwriter, producer, composer, keyboardist and vocalist from Little Rock, Arkansas who has sold over 50 million records. He is well known for being a member of the band Evanescence, which he left in 2002. He has also been part of the bands Trading Yesterday, The Age of Information, AVOX, Arrows To Athens, and Passengers.