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Tidus (stylized TiDUS) is the name of artist, producer, rapper/singer, and budding film score composer. Hailing from New Jersey, TiDUS moved to New York City, following his intuition. A traveler of the psychic apparatus, TiDUS’ music speaks to the soul’s journey, what he calls “Higher-Self Music”. Hearing his music thus far gives some light on where TiDUS has been and where he’s headed. In 2012, TiDUS began to craft what would later come to be known as the Mirrors and Doors EPs - releases that preceded later project New Age but succeeded Absolute Elsewhere - building upon three years of freestyles and beats released under different monikers. In 2014, TiDUS went on a spiritual hiatus. He spent the year discovering himself and moving closer to his purpose and a sense of what he wanted to communicate. He spent time away from his writing, focusing on the practice of feeling and becoming more attuned to his surrounding. Upon his return, he began work on a trilogy that captured his sense of place in the universe, along with how we all fit. The trilogy, known only as Soon You'll Understand / Why We're Here on Earth / Before It's Too Late, TiDUS weaves a tapestry of various influences: goth, hip-hop, Gregorian chants, the African diaspora, and something beyond. Now, in 2017, TiDUS looks again to the next, casting his vision towards onward ness. Follow his gaze and you’re sure to see it’s your own gaze you’re following.. -Amuary Lateef