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Andrea Soru aka Taste of Dream is an Italian multi-instrumentalist from Sardinia who has more than two decades of musical activity whose artistic maturity and musical eclecticism has enabled him to find an original and a delightful harmonic balance blending different musical genres creating a genuine musicality. He has achieved important goals in the chillout-ethnobeat genres, such as the participation in prestigious cd compilations including Buddha Bar ("The Ultimate Experience") where the original song "Buddha people", with the participation of the extraordinary Armenian musician Edgar Asmaryan has been selected by famous DJs such as Ravin and Mario Chaviaras; included in several compilations published by M-Sol Records ( Marga Sol ); and then the Calypso cover of the legenday "Caruso" by Lucio Dalla, sung by the magnificent Afro-American-Cherokee singer Carly Harvey, was selected by the famous Papa DJ of the Buddha Bar Montecarlo for his compilation CD "Cosmopolis" by Radio Monte Carlo; "Deep feeling", another original song sung by Russian transgender Catherine Corelli is included in Hit Mania's very famous compilation ("Miami sound - # Dance & Lounge"); Taste of Dream still uses the precious collaboration of great international artists such as english soprano Lynette Carveth; Italian trumpeter Marco Bianchi the Armenian duduk flute player Edgar Asmaryan the Afro-American-Cherokee singer Carly Harvey; Mary Loscerbo from Canada; Henriëtte the Whisperer from Germany.