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Dog Eat Dog, an American band originally from Bergen County, New Jersey, began in 1990 as part of the hardcore music scenes of New York City and New Jersey. With members now scattered through New Jersey, Washington D.C. and Europe, the band refers to themselves as being based out all three locations. Dog Eat Dog was one of the earliest bands to fuse hardcore and rap, a style that would later become commonplace. Dog Eat Dog has achieved commercial success with singles such as "No Fronts", "Expect The Unexpected" and "Who's The King" - all showcasing their blend of hardcore, rap and saxophone. Since their first album, the band's sound has evolved to incorporate elements of funk, ska and hip hop. As of 2005, the lineup of the band consists of Dave Neabore (bass), John Connor (vocals) and Brandon Finley (drums) with assistance from Roger Haemmerli (guitar) during live performances.