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El Meswy is a hip hop artist originally from Alcorcon, Spain. He presently resides in Brooklyn, NY. El Meswy does not believe in frontiers, flags or boundaries. He does not believe in race as a concept; he believes in unity, diversity and respect. Raised in Alcorcón, Madrid (Spain), the highest crime rate hood back in the ‘80s, he fell in love with Hip-Hop while many of his peers did it with heroin. A highly conscious MC, proud of his Spanish Moor roots, he changed the rules when he dropped his first solo album “Tesis Doctoral” in 1997. A pioneer with his former group El Club de los Poetas Violentos (CPV), he is a social psychologist and entrepreneur with Bronco Estilo (the first Spanish Hip-Hop clothing line, with stores in Spain, Brooklyn, and Ghana; it has international distribution). He also owns his record label, Crudo. EL Meswy brings beats and lyrics reflecting the New York Latin vibe and experience filtered by his inner most thoughts, raising your conscience and social awareness but always leaving you entertained and with something you can feel and enjoy. He's creative, original, relaxed and even sarcastic, at times. He's also serious, raw and very precise as he imparts wisdom and truth but always from a deep and insightful perspective. Among the many strong characteristics of El Meswy, Brooklyn's "do or die" Bedstuy, is his motto: “NO ME MUERDO LA LENGUA PORQUE DUELE” (I don’t bite my tongue cause it hurts). Meswy's rude vocals, "chulo" style, charisma and verbal skills have already shared the mic with artist such as Dead Prez, The Beatnuts, Masta Ace, Jeru the Damaja, NORE, Cappadonna and many others, both on stage and tracks. He has a well-known rep of burning stages. Shows all over Spain, Europe, Mexico and NY among others have proven that he got the experience and adrenaline to make his audience to identify them selves with what he rhymes about. He makes you travel sometimes at an amazing speed, sometimes with a killer slow flow, but always with every kind of detail through his, one after another, Spanish HipHop classics. With an amazing underground international fan base, being as popular in his native Spain as in other Latin American countries, he is one of the Spanish pure HipHop (no reggaeton) artist that has more probabilities to bring that underground scene to the surface. Skillful story teller, spooky and raw, treating subjects from rapists to the stereotypes and exploitation of Latinos in the US, critical to the American experience as an immigrant as well as to any abusive government policies world wide, verbal photographer, creator of international anthems to the independence like “Semen” or the popular "CRUDO", always keeping the spirituality of the street soldier and finding the common DNA to worldwide "barrios". Definitely out of his league, not fitting in the actual lyrical and intellectual mediocrity standards of HipHop nowadays, fresh breeze to the scene to an art that never should have stopped being that, an art. His last album “Españoles” is a critical analysis of Spain and Latin America by extension. Released November 2009 includes lyrical and instrumental jewels. Nowadays, El Meswy is concentrated on the acclaimed CPV reunion and educative projects. He received a fellowship by CUNY to study a Sociolinguistics Ph.D. program.