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Kinematik is a post-rock band from the Lebanese village of Rayfoun. Formed in the summer of 2014, they released their debut album Ala’ on Beirut’s indie label Ruptured in the spring of 2017, and their sophomore album Mourour Al Kiram is due for early 2020, a co-release between Ruptured and Beacon Sound (Portland, US). Both releases were co-produced with Fadi Tabbal (Tunefork Studios). The band is known for their elaborate visual setups in their live shows, collaborating with a string of artists over the years to carefully craft each performance. Mourour Al Kiram marks a departure from Ala’, both sonically and musically. Mixing the pastoral and the industrial, the record relies on techno-based percussion beats, nostalgic melodies, intricate double drum interplay and ambient soundscapes that are deconstructed then reconstructed over and over again. The tracks are subtle in their angst as well as their joy, celebrating small victories in face of big defeats and echoing the band’s conflicting mindset toward life in their country and community. Kinematik has toured Europe and the Middle East, re-scored Carl Theodor Dreyer's 1930s classic Vampyr for the the 23rd European Film Festival in Beirut, and contributed pieces for soundtracks to Ghassan Salhab's Une Rose Ouverte and Sarah Kaskas' Underdown. Kinematik are: Anthony Sahyoun, Rudy Ghafari, Akram Hajj.