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Feeder are a British rock band based in Newport, Wales. Feeder has released eight studio albums, three compilations, two EPs, and 34 singles. As one of the few alternative rock bands from the 1990s to survive into the following two decades, they have eight UK Top 40 albums, including six UK Top 10 albums and three Top 5 albums. Three of their albums have been certified Gold by the British Phonographic Industry in their first week of release, for shipments of at least 100,000 units. Feeder's music has been inspired by a wide variety of artists and styles, including The Police, Nirvana, and The Smashing Pumpkins. On their debut release, the Two Colours EP (1995), their sound was radically changed from that of Raindancer, but Feeder has since introduced more acoustic aspects into their music, including elements of pianos and string orchestras. The band was formed in 1992 under the name of "Reel" by Grant Nicholas, Jon Lee and Simon Blight of group Raindancer, after the other member of that group, guitarist John Canham, departed from it. However, Blight left Feeder in 1992 and was eventually replaced with Taka Hirose, after the band had used many session bassists from 1992–95. After signing with The Echo Label in 1994, Feeder's lineup consisted of Grant Nicholas (guitar and vocals) and Jon Lee (drums), with them still using session bassists, who can be heard on early demos. In January 2002, Jon Lee took his own life in his Miami home, after which former Skunk Anansie drummer Mark Richardson began to record and play with the band, before being made an official member. In May 2009, he parted company with Feeder to return to a reformed Skunk Anansie. Since Mark's departure, Feeder have employed drummer Karl Brazil, although for sessions and touring commitments for Renegades (2010) they employed Australian Damon Wilson and former Mexicolas drummer Tim Trotter. Feeder garnered media attention in 2001 for their third album, Echo Park, and its lead single, "Buck Rogers", which later become a UK Top 5 single. In 2002, the band released their fourth album, Comfort in Sound, which was their first since the loss of their drummer, Jon Lee, earlier in the year. The album touched on themes such as loss and coming to terms with death, although it also explored themes of positivity. Comfort in Sound is Feeder's most successful release to date, selling over 500,000 copies in the United Kingdom between October 2002 and April 2012. Feeder would go on to become one of the UK's most successful rock bands, with a total of 166 weeks on the charts as of 2006, which also places them amongst the 500 most successful artists of the past 50 years at the time. After the campaign for their singles compilation was complete, the band dropped out of mainstream attention, while still charting three more Top 20 albums, with the latest being 2012's Generation Freakshow. Based on their certifications, the band have sold in excess of 1,360,000 records in the UK alone.