Frank Michael

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Les Feuilles Mortes [Palais des Sports 2007]
Garde-moi la dernière danse
On se quitte et pourtant
Pour toutes les mamans [Palais des Sports 2007]

Franco Gabelli better known by his stage name Frank Michael is a Belgian singer of Italian origin born in Parma, Italy on 7 May 1947. He reportedly sold millions of albums throughout the world. At age of three, Franco's family left Italy and resided in Seraing, province of Liège, Belgium. At age 16, he started working television electronics technician. His singing career was launched with the 1974 single "Je ne peux vivre sans toi" released on RCA. He was popular in live concerts and released a big number of albums that charted in France and Belgium. His best songs came from collaboration with Michel Mallory, although he worked with many other songwriters as well. In 2003, he also released a homage album entitled Thank You Elvis with 15 tracks of Elvis Presley in French and Italian. He remains popular particularly with the older generations. In 2004, he received the Belgian Order of the Crown.