Funky G

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Crazy (feat. Sabri & Funky G)

Funky G is a popular Serbian dance duo. The duo comprises Marina (vocals) and Gagi Đogani (born Gazmend Đogani). Gagi, who is the leader of the band, is a brother of Đole Đogani who is a leader of yet another famous Serbian dance music group, Đogani. Until 2009 Anabela Đogani, Gagi's ex-wife, was a member of the group. Funky G were one of the first music groups promoting dance music in the region. They became famous with their song "Samo u Snu" (Only In a Dream), launching a dance music scene in the former Yugoslavia to new levels (often blending it with folk elements). On 29 April 2009, Anabela and Gagi Djogani divorced. In 2011, Ana Rich replaced Anabela, but she left it after a year. In 2012, Marina replaced Ana.