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Many Roads - Many Choices
Can You Travel In The Dark Alone
The Valley of Memories
Ascending to the Final Pass
Hang On to a Dream
Latinoamérica Se Levanta (feat. F, Gandalf, Maxi Rima & Tribu del Hip Hop)
Black Madonna (feat. Gandalf)

Gandalf (born Heinz Strobl, born 1952) is the name used by a new-age composer from Austria. He plays a wide variety of instruments including guitars, keyboards, synthesizers and sitars. He includes electronic sounds into his music. His music includes influences from music around the world. He released his first album Journey to an Imaginary Land on March 17, 1981, and his second Visions almost one year later on March 16, 1982. He has become one of Austria's most accomplished international musicians.