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Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbra)
Easy Way Out
Smoke And Mirrors
Somebody That I Used To Know (Tiësto Remix) [feat. Kimbra]
Eyes Wide Open
Kiss Me Stupid (Ondioline) [feat. Gotye & Eleanor Norton]
Heart's a Mess (feat. Gotye)
The Way You Talk (feat. Gotye)

Wouter Andre "Wally" De Backer (born 21 May 1980), better known as Gotye (pronounced /ˈɡoʊti.eɪ/ GO-tee-ay), is a Belgian-Australian multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter. The name "Gotye" is a pronunciation respelling of "Gauthier", the French cognate of Gotye's given Dutch name "Wouter" (English "Walter", hence the nickname "Wally"). Gotye has released three studio albums independently and ...