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The Japanese House is an English indie pop act from Buckinghamshire consisting of solo artist Amber Bain. She has released four EPs; Pools to Bathe In, Clean, Swim Against the Tide, and Saw You in a Dream, through Dirty Hit. Bain contributes vocals and plays guitar, synthesizer, and keyboard for her music. Many of her tracks are produced by Bain herself and George Daniel of 1975. The name The Japanese House was inspired by a property in Cornwall, England previously owned by Kate Winslet with furnishings reminiscent of traditional Japanese tea houses in which Bain and her family stayed in her childhood. During her week-long stay in the cottage, Bain posed as a boy, calling herself Danny. Her experiences there heavily influenced the use of an anonymous label for her music as opposed to the use of her own name. Bain is in a relationship with fellow singer Marika Hackman. Amber Bain worked closely with the British band, 1975. The band's lead singer, Matt Healy, and drummer, George Daniel helped her write several of her songs to date. Bain went on her first tour as an opening act for 1975 where she gained recognition. Since then, she has been working on a debut album that is set to release in 2018.